Calendar of Event
 Event Title: New Insight into the Molecular Basis of Depression
 Date: 2/20/2009      Time: 11:00 - 12:30
Place: NYS Psychiatric Institute - 1051 Riverside Drive - 1st Flr Auditorium

Speaker: Eric Nestler, MD, PhD
Chair, Department of Neuroscience
Mount Sinai School of Medicine

Description: *Adult Psychiatry Grand Rounds*

Eric Nestler, M.D., Ph.D. is Nash Family Professor of Neuroscience, Chair of the Department of Neuroscience and Director of the Mount Sinai Brain Institute at the Mount Sinai School of Medicine.

Dr. Nestler is a renowned neuroscientist, molecular biologist, and psychiatrist whose work bridges many gulfs: mind to brain, academic to clinical, biology to psychology, and molecular science to psychiatry. Dr. Nestlerís research has focused on the ways in which the brain responds and adapts to repeated harmful experiences, such as depression, stress, and addiction, and he has transformed the understanding of the areas in the brain relevant to reward and motivation.

Prior to joining Mount Sinai, Dr. Nestler was the Lou and Ellen McGinley Distinguished Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry and Professor in the Department of Neuroscience at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas. Before moving to Texas, he spent 27 years at Yale, where he received his undergraduate, postdoctorate, and medical degrees.

Dr. Nestler has written more than 200 peer-reviewed journal articles and several books. He was elected to the Institute of Medicine in 1998 and the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2005, and has served on the Board of Scientific Counselors of the National Institute on Drug Abuse. Currently, he serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of the National Alliance for Research in Schizophrenia and Depression.