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April 2008
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Clinical Case Presentation [Child Psychiatry]
* Male Circumcision And HIV Infection Among Black And Latino Men Who Have Sex With Men: A Review Of What Is Known And Unknown
* CME EVENT (April 4 & 5) - The Third Annual Advances in Psychiatry: A Guide to Clinical Practice
* No Grand Rounds(due to CME Event)
* CME EVENT - 23rd Annual Schizophrenia Conference: Understanding Causes and Promoting Recovery for Professionals, Families and Consumers
* The Center for Bioethics 6TH Anniversary Special Event
* Brain Stimulation Journal Club
* ACISR Treatment Colloquim: “Problems Among Children of Depressed Mothers: Prevention and Treatment”
* Housing Is HIV Prevention And Care
* Clinical Grand Rounds - Professional Staff Only
* “Genetic and Neurodevelopmental Studies of the MET Tyrosine Kinase Receptor in the Autisms”
* Trajectories Of Sexual Risk Behavior In Adolescence And The Transition To Adulthood
* The Neuroscience of Placebo Effects in Pain: Cognitive Processes and Brain Mechanisms
* “Trends in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Childhood Bipolar Disorder”
* Division of Brain Stimulation Journal Club
* HIV Seroprevalence And Risk Behavior Among Psychiatric Patients: A National Health Service Study In Brazil
* Sackler Prize Lecture by Avshalom Caspi, PhD: Gene-Environment Interactions & the Developmental Neuroscience of Psychiatric Illness
* Presentation: Analysis of Genome Copy Number Variation in Psychiatric Disease
* “Genetic Developmental Psychopathology: Results from the Dunedin, New Zealand, Longitudinal Study”

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