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Without thinking things through, I left my home state, my family, and most of my personal possessions to be with a man who promised me a good relationship. However, his overbearing ex-wife is intrusive and possessive, and I think he is trying to punish her by attempting to "win" the kids (two adults and a teen). This means he gives them no guidance or discipline, and as a result, they are spoiled and seem to have no conscience. On top of this, they incessantly text their father on his cell phone and he never stops answering, even during private moments.

How can I get out of this relationship without angering him so we could still be friends? Every time I hint at ending things, he flies off the handle.

Answered by: David Kahn

It may not be possible to stay friends with him, and you may wish to examine why you want to keep him in your life at all.