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My current girlfriend has some serious insecurity and jealousy issues. This causes anger and leads to physical and emotional abuse and my children are suffering from the fighting.

My girlfriend finally realized she had a problem and is going to examine whether it is hormonal, emotional, or chemical. I want to leave, but she wants me to solve this problem with her.

How effective are hormonal or drug therapy in such situations and how long does it take?

Answered by: David Kahn

Your girlfriend's problems would benefit from an overall evaluation to see what is causing them. Insecurity and jealousy may be personality traits that have evolved over a longer period of time related to life experiences, or they could be resulting from depression, anxiety, or another mood condition that makes her feel overly sensitive. If she's only irritable in the week or two before her menstrual period, that could be a hormonal problem. It's complicated enough that I could not say at a distance whether medications would help; an evaluation by a capable mental health professional would be a first step.