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I'm 14 and i eat a lot for my age. I'm not sure if i have an eating disorder but i do know i eat too much for my age and level of exercise. I not unhappy with my body or size i'm just concerned for my health.

Answered by: Michael Devlin

Thanks for writing in. First, it's great that you are concerned with having a healthy lifestyle, including healthy eating and healthy activity. And it's also great that you are feeling OK about your body and size. Ultimately, that's the goal for everyone -- to be healthy and feel happy with themeselves. As you are concerned about whether you're striking the right balance in your life right now, it might be good to review your lifestyle and your concerns with someone who has expertise in this area. This could be your pediatrician, a counselor, a nutritionist, or maybe even somoeone at school if there's someone there who is knowledgeable in this area. Teenagers grow at different rates, so sometimes it is hard to know how much you should be eating, and you can't always go by what others are doing. I think it will be useful to sit down with someone to review all the important info: your body (size, shape, weight, fitness, medical concerns) and how it's changing in adolescence, your behavior (what you eat, how much you feel in or out of control of eating, your activity), any concerns you have about yourself, and your personal values and priorities. Feel free to call our clinic at 212-543-5739 if you need any further information. Good luck.