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I am on the drug amisulperide (Solian). My psychiatrist has advised me to reduce from 200 mg to 150mg. However, I'm concerned because I read that low doses of Solian cause an increase of dopamine in the brain. So are low doses suitable for someone with my illness?

Answered by: Joshua Kantrowitz

Meta analysis suggests that amisulpride is among the more efficacious antipsychotics. The recommended doses for someone in the acute stage of illness is 400-800 mg, although lower doses (50-300) have been shown to be helpful for maintenance treatment and possibly for negative symptoms. While lower doses (~10 mg/kg) seem to increase dopamine in preclinical experiments (Di Giovanni G et al.J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1998; 287(1):51-7.). I am aware of only a few reports of mania induced by low dose amisulpride.