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I am the father of a 34 year old woman suffering from Anorexia. She is currently a patient in the Renfrew Center in Florida. She has been there 2 months and because of the severity of her illness has lost her job and health insurance. Renfrew is not able to keep her as her non-compliance is very significant. How would we go about getting information on your program? I do have Power of Attorney to assist her in this difficult process. Thank you.

Answered by: Michael Devlin

Thanks for your interest in our program. I can only imagine how stressful it must be to be dealing with all of this. Sadly, the problems you describe, including job difficulties, loss of health insurance, and difficulty being motivated for treatment, are all disturbingly prevalent among individuals affected by anorexia nervosa. We would be happy to talk more with you about our programs. Please call our information line at 212-543-5739 and/or visit the website at: It is worth mentioning that our research programs are open only to voluntary participants who are eligible for and interested in being a part of our studies, but there may be other options to consider if this is not the case. We look forward to hearing from you.