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My sister-in-law has no insurance. She has been talking about things that don't make sense such as "the degree of Poplar Bluff is 164 degrees," "I'm bleeding out..." - all kinds of things. Is there somewhere we can take her for help?

Answered by: L. Fredrick Jarskog

Most states have a state-funded mental health care system that will provide either free or highly subsidized care for persons without insurance. It sounds as if your sister-in-law is experiencing psychotic symptoms and needs to be evaluated by a psychiatrist. You can call to either make an appointment or see about coming the same day as a walk-in. Another option is the Emergency Department at your nearest hospital if you feel that care is needed urgently and there are no other clear alternatives. Sometimes, university hospital clinics can offer subsidized care and calling the clinical services line for psychiatry can provide additional options.