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My son is 27 years old. He is a compulsive liar and a recovering drug addict. His addiction was opiod prescription drugs; he completed a 3 year zaboxan program.

Throughout 2009 my son lived with me and at other times with his father. He then became homeless after he stole money and property from both homes. On December 31st he was arrested for stealing lidocaine from a hospital. He served about two weeks prior to his father bailing him out. During his incarceration, he was raped multiple times. His father and I came together to support him and to help him through this trauma, getting him to doctors, a psychiatrist, counseling, etc.

My son currently lives with his father. He is on Xanax and sleeping medication. His psychiatrist terminated treatment because she felt that the trust level was violated at his second appointment. He currently has no psychiatrist referral.

This week my son felt so out of control he punched a picture on his wall and now has very exteme hand injury. The phrase "1 step forward and 2 steps back" feels like progress compared to how son's progress. He seems to be spiraling down with no steps going forward. My son has yet to deal with his trauma of being raped, or just the fact that his lying and drug addiction is how his life has become what it is. Although he is not doing "drugs", I dont believe he has chosen recovery. He is a drug addict that is not doing drugs. His life is still unmanageable for not only him but for his father and me. He has exhausted our finances due to the fact his father and I paid out thousands of dollars since Janauary to pay off drug dealers he owed money to during those times he sold drugs to support himself.

After coming home to his father's house after incarceration, drug dealers showed up at this house threatening harm to my son or any family member if they didn't get the money they were owed. So, we did whatever it took to get them paid. I believe my son needs professional long term care. I'm not even sure what long term would mean. I just know that he needs more than 5 days or 2 weeks of a detox program. Post-traumatic stress disorder along with Personality disorder seems to fit my son's existence. My son is on Medicaid.

Is there any help or direction you can provide me?? Your hospital seems perfect, but perhaps you know better. I thought if my son called his primary physician (who has only seen my son once) and explained that his life was in crisis, to convey all of the above to his doctor, perhaps this doctor would see my son really needs more help than an anti-depressant. Please let me know your thoughs...does your hospital take Fidelius Medicaid? What would it cost if you felt my son was a candidiate to be at your hospital and how would you be able to help him?? Thank you for taking the time for reading this.

Answered by: Yuval Neria

I am not sure that our research facility fits this case. Your son should be treated for a host of problems in a regular medical facility rather than in a research center. Hope this is helpful.