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My brother(32) was diagnozed as bipolar 15 years ago. He was hospitalized 3 times: the first time for a manic episode in Turkey in 1997, then for depression in 2004 here in US and 3 weeks ago again for depression.

As he stopped his medication (because of his drinking) and had stopped eating and sleeping, I took him to Stony Brook Hospital, where he was hospitalized for 2 weeks. He was discharged 10 days ago.

On the 3rd day at home, he again stopped eating ( it is going to be 5 days today) and there is no way I can make him take his medication, which I beleive is not enough. He is taking 9mg Invega for suspicious thoughts and 1000mg Depacode for his bipolar disorder.

He also stopped drinking water. He consumes a minimum of 15 12onz bottles of water when he is sick. He does not want to be hospitalized and wants to do nothing but stay in bed. He has anxiety attacks saying that he cannot breathe. What can I do?

Answered by: David Kahn

It sounds like you should call 911 for help so that an ambulance team can evaluate his condition and determine if he needs to be hospitalized involuntarily.