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I am 27 years old. I started restricting my food at the age of 12. Between the ages of 17 and 24, I was hospitalized 10 times for my anorexia, in addition to going to IOPs and PHPS, until i finally went to residential treatment. From there, I had 3 and a half months of "recovery". About 6 months ago, I relapsed. I am about 5'4 and weighed in at 97lbs, which i don't think is bad. I was hospitalized for two weeks, and am now in a partial care program. I dont' think that it is helping. Although I"m eating much more than i was before going inpatient, my thoughts are more disordered and stronger than it possible to recover after relasping again? I feel longer term programs are needed, but i have no insurance...i feel hopeless that i can recover agian, after having so long in between relapses, and having such a long history of anorexia. Thanks!

Answered by: Allegra Broft

The Eating Disorders Research Unit provides treatment for patients interested in, and eligible for, participation in a variety of research studies. Treatment is at no cost to patients participating in our program. To determine whether you are interested in and eligible for our program, please contact 212-543-5739. You may also wish to contact your insurance plan, to find out about (1) in-network providers on your insurance plan (2) whether out-of-network benefits may help reduce the cost of eating disorders treatment.