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I am a 56-year old divorced mother, and my daughter went away to college last fall. A few weeks later, I lost my job, and have been only sporadically employed for almost a year.

I have had ongoing depression related to both of these losses, as well as insomnia and panic attacks. I have had a weight problem for most of my adult life, and recently have found myself eating continuously without feeling I have any control - to the point where I am full to the point of feeling sick. I recognize the symptoms, and am concerned that I am relapsing into binge eating, which I suffered from as a young woman.

Is this sort of relapse after many years common?

Are their treatment centers that will take my COBRA insurance?

Answered by: Evelyn Attia

Binge eating disorder is known to wax and wane in many individuals, and we will commonly hear that stressors will change eating patterns in individuals who are vulnerable to eating disorders.

Most hospital centers accept a range of insurance reimbursement for psychiatric evaluations and treatment. Specialty centers are identifiable using an internet search, or calling advocacy organizations such as The National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA), and some (but not all) of them accept many insurance plans.