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  1. Will a child's perception of his or her parents' marriage and of family life affect his or her susceptibility to depression in adult life?
  2. What is the pathology behind an intense fear of death as a child?
  3. Does the kind of treatment depressed parents get affect their children?
  4. My 16-year old daughter can be fine and then suddenly get upset for anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour before returning to normal. She also gained 18 pounds in 2 months, perhaps because a holistic doctor prescribed 2,400 – 3,6000 mgs of fish oil d ...
  5. My son just turned 18. He has been in counseling twice, but has not undergone a psychiatric assessment. Day-to-day life is a struggle for him and we are at a loss as to how to proceed. His symptoms include:

    - social isolation, in that for ...
  6. Two weeks ago, my wife and I caught my daughter, 8, masturbating. We first have since found out that she has been doing this every day for the past month.

    We interrogated her to try to find out where she learned how to do that, but she ...
  7. How would parenting styles be a focus of attention in the mental health setting?
  8. My daughter, 17, had benign occipital epileptic fits at age 4, which stopped with Tegretol. Since her school days, she has been aggressive, even abusive. She also has episodes of weeping that suddenly change into silly laughter and euphoric mood. Moo ...
  9. What are the treatments of gender identity disorder?
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