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  1. I am a 35 year old straight guy and I love my wife and kids. But I''''ve always had sexual feelings towards men and still sometimes hook up with guys. Then I end up feeling feeling guilty, frustrated, and unhappy. What can I do?
  2. I am 48, gay, and still single, and am depressed about ever finding a lover. I feel like my depression is getting worse but my prospects aren''''t getting any better. Can a psychologist or psychiatrist help me?
  3. I have always been attracted to other women, and have always hated it. Is there a way to change my sexual orientation?
  4. I have gay friends who insist on getting married now that it''s legal in New York. I value our friendship but don''t want to attend the so-called "wedding" of two people of the same sex. Why can''t people just be satisfied living together? What shoul ...
  5. I have a question about how to ask my sex partner to put on a condom so we can both be safe from HIV. We like each other, but he does not like condoms on me or him. I don’t want to lose him. We really are good friends.
  6. Hi, I am an 18 year old male. To be honest, I have always been confused about my sexuality, and I don''t really know whether I am straight, gay or bisexual. I have always been sexually attracted to other men as long as I can recall. When I am attr ...
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