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  1. Would a humidifier improve the effects of a negative air ionizer for the treatment of depression? If so, how?
  2. What's a good strategy for getting a high negative ion level in a 2br apartment CHEAP? I already figured out how to move air through a HEPA filter. I just want lots of ions cheap.
  3. What negative air iron therapy systems do you recommend for purchase? What was used in your studies?
  4. Are Himalayan Crystal Rock Salt Lamps good for your health?
  5. Negative air ion therapy for depression is rarely known in Japan, and Japanese critics of pseudoscience usually regard negative air ion(minus ion) as pseudoscience. Is negative air ion therapy pseudoscience?
  6. What exactly is a negative air ion (on the atomic level), and is there any evidence that negative ions are the sole causative agent of the mental health benefits observed? Can you propose a mechanism for the perceived effect?
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