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  1. How easy is it to detect borderline personality disorder? It seems that it is easy to confuse borderline personality disorder with bipolar disorder.

    What are the services offered for someone who suffers from borderline personality disorde ...
  2. My daughter is 23 years old and has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Another psychiatrist has diagnosed her with bipolar.

    Regardless, she has had two suicide attempts, been on every medication and combination known to her ...
  3. Our daughter, 33, has not responded to treatment for bipolar disorder. What is the ultimate treatment or the best in technology for her? Also, how can we find the best referral outside Columbia''s catchment area?
  4. I feel I have been misdiagnosed with borderline personality disorder when I am a victim of domestic violence. I have been court ordered into a dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) program. Is there anything I can do?
  5. I work with a person who gets offended over the most petty things and fumes about it for days. I am the teacher and she is the assistant. She is very sensitive to any criticism and won''t speak for days. She also has rigid rules about what she likes ...
  6. My boyfriend is in his late thirties and was home-schooled from an early age. Because his father was bed-bound for years, he supported his family from his teen age years. He was never encouraged to go to college because he was told that it would " ...
  7. I am very concerned about my boyfriend. His behavior is quite alarming. He has dramtic mood swings, emotional outbursts, overreactions, anger at the smallest things. I could go on and on. His mood can shift from pleasant to nasty in minutes, and th ...
  8. I am a 26 year old female and have been very recently diagnosed with BPD. Upon researching what that means I feel a sense of relief to see behaviors that I have displayed for years and that have caused me much confusion may have something to do with ...
  9. My daughter suffers from BPD and depression. It started when she was 15 and she is now 20. She has been hospitalized 2 times and has been in therapy but continues to decline.

    Please help me find an expert who can help her. The medications she ...
  10. I was told i have a personality disorder. I was in a good relationship for ten years, am in a good relationship now but am told due to my personality disorder, it''s best that I never have children. I am now 40 and want children.

    What is ...
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