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  1. What characteristics do you look for in determining if a man in his late 50s has ADD if he has been diagnosed and treated with Zoloft for depression for 10 years and also carries hepatitis C with a low viral count?

    Also can these three diagos ...
  2. I have been diagnosed with ADHD and bipolar II. I am a professional nurse and love what I do, but I am unable to hold a job because I am unable to focus and complete my work on time, I am disorganized, and I have difficulties getting along with peers ...
  3. Can adult ADD and bipolar diseases co-exist? Do they support each other in a vicious cycle?
  4. I know I have ADHD, but everyone has issues with my dosage.

    Isn''''t every person''''s metabolism different? And is there a way to prove I need a higher dosage than I am being prescribed, since at the dose I am on, I can''''t remember how ...
  5. Is it possible to suffer from ADHD and substance abuse? What treatment is available for dual diagnosis?
  6. Can a patient with Adult Attention Deficit Disorder be a high achiever, for example, a medical resident with high scores in all previous aptitude tests?
  7. Is it common for a 20 year old female recently prescribed Adderall and Lexapro to experience excessive sweating?
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