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  1. What is smoking cessation?
  2. I was told by a psychiatrist once that smoking would help the kind of depression that I have. So, I tried to get rid of my depression by chain smoking. Instead of helping, my depression worsened and I developed a pulmonary condition. I guess he doesn ...
  3. Is it common for people who give up smoking to suffer increased depression or anxiety, over and above the physical cravings? I gave up five months ago, and after about a month became very depressed, and started suffering panic attacks. This lasted ...
  4. I successfully quit smoking (decades-long habit) a full year ago; I have recently begun experiencing dreadful tastes with every breath I draw. I can best describe these tastes as "wet ashtray". Mouthwashes of various types, extreme brushing of teet ...
  5. I was wondering if seeing a psychiatrist could help me with quitting smoking. I have tried before and it is not a very pleasant process.
  6. Is it common for people who quit smoking to suffer from low libido and a temporary sexual dysfunction? I gave up smoking for a couple of weeks now and my sexual energy seems to be diminished. I attribute this symptom to the smoking cessation as it st ...
  7. I quit smoking cold turkey 28 days and I was fine until the fourth week. I started having anxiety attacks and I could not focus. How long might this last? Should I start smoking again and try a different cessation method?
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