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  1. I am the partner of a person with PTSD. What can I do to express my feelings about the stress my partner''s symptoms are causing in our relationship but still be supportive and loving?
  2. Is paranoia a symptom of PTSD?

    My husband was diagnosed with PTSD. Besdies the classic symptoms, such as trouble sleeping, flashbacks, bouts with alcohol (to help him sleep), detachment(early on), and anger, he has paranoia. He thinks peop ...
  3. I began dating a veteran of Afghanistan about three weeks after his return. About two months into our relationship, my otherwise affectionate, attentive partner has begun to exhibit symptoms and believe that I am the cause of all our problems.
  4. My son is 27 years old. He is a compulsive liar and a recovering drug addict. His addiction was opiod prescription drugs; he completed a 3 year zaboxan program.

    Throughout 2009 my son lived with me and at other times with his father. He th ...
  5. to what extent does fear control individuals in society?
  6. I am 44 years old and have had depression and panic attacks since high school. Can post- traumatic stress from childhood still impact you at middle age and if so how do you treat it?
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