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  1. Can OCD affect cognition?
  2. How important is motivation in overcoming OCD? If a person realizes she has a major problem with OCD and would like to be as she was "before," but is not able to stop doing the cleaning rituals, would cognitive-behavioral therapy help?
  3. My daughter, 10, developed severe OCD symptoms exactly 4 months ago and was diagnosed as having OCD by a psychiatrist. My daughter is unable to attend school and is prone to fits of powerful aggression. She has visited a psychologist several times a ...
  4. My son, 21, was diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome in 1996 and has taken Paxil, Lexapro, Altruline, Anafranil and many other medicines. Because of the Tourette, he has always had obsessive-compulsive behaviors, but in the last year these behaviors have ...
  5. I have OCD and am wondering whether other people with OCD talk to themselves and include imaginary people in their conversations who ask or answer questions.
  6. Do persons with OCD typically have hallucinations?
  7. My husband requires my children and me to change our clothes immediately whenever we enter the home from outside to prevent any germs from entering the home. He is diagnosed with OCD and I understand that his behavior is part of the disorder. However ...
  8. I have struggled with OCD since childhood but have always resisted taking any medication for it. I am very concerned about side effects, and I worry that if I start taking medicine, I will have to be on it for the rest of my life.

    However, m ...
  9. Sometimes when I least expect it, I have really disturbing images that pop into my mind. Sometimes they are sexual in nature, like images of having sex with children or with homeless people. They totally freak me out, since of course I do not real ...
  10. How do I stop checking and rechecking things? Before I leave my house I have to check and recheck that my stove and oven are off, that all the lights are turned off and all the windows are closed. Checking just once is never enough. I check the li ...
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