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  1. I saw a therapist several years ago, and I recently thought about restarting therapy. In talking with a couple of therapists, one asked me what the prior doctor''''''''''''''''s diagnosis was. I told the therapist that the doctor had found I didn'''' ...
  2. What is virtual reality therapy for anxiety disorders? For example, what would happen to me if I had virtual reality therapy for treating PTSD? Also, what do experts think about this kind of treatment?
  3. I have a major problem. I was on medication for almost 2 years (zyprexa). I stopped it and my therapist advised me to take aripeprazole for the withdrawl symptoms. It was a difficult six months but I was patient even with the psychological changes; I ...
  4. What is the difference between cognitive rehabilitation and cognitive remediation therapy?
  5. Where should I start in order to find a Negative Air Ionization Machines (ozone-free) for home use?
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