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  1. I've had anorexia for 8 months now. I'm 5 ft. 6 in. tall and weigh 75 lbs. I've been given an eating plan by my therapist which I'm trying to stick to, but I've started taking diet pills because I don't want to put on weight. Can this do harm to my ...
  2. How do you help someone who had had anorexia and eating disorder not otherwise specified for 25 years but who can not afford treatment?
  3. I was "actively aneroxic" for about 2 years when I was in junior high/high school and once reached 85 lbs at 5''4". I did not seek treatment, but eventually stopped the behavior. Although my thought patterns remained the same, I have not actively r ...
  4. My mother is 65 and suffers from a lung disease. Over the past 6 months to a year, she has lost at least 30 - 40 lbs., and now weighs 108 lbs. at 5 feet 8 inches. She is very frail, and her lung disease is getting worse.

    My mother constan ...
  5. Between the ages of 4 and 11, I suffered from epilepsy and had a lot of trouble with all of the medications the doctor put me on.

    Could this predispose me to an eating disorder?
  6. My husband was diagnosed with anorexia in high school; he is now 33. He now projects his eating disorder onto me and tries to control my eating habits.

    He wants to stop, but we cannot find any resources out there to help us with this sort ...
  7. I have a patient with a long history of OCD, anxiety, and borderline features. As an adolescent, she was previously treated for anorexia and florid symptoms remitted, although her weight was never above 90 lbs. In response to pressures from work, a ...
  8. Is there any research that finds a correlation between anorexia or exercise bulimia and the onset of menopause?
  9. Our little granddaughter, 7, was just diagnosed with Anorexia. At this very young age, she has all the symptoms, including not eating or drinking, and constantly exercising. While just sitting in the car, she will move her legs constantly.

  10. Do you think my daughter has anorexia or OCD?

    She eats only twice a day and eats the same thing every day. Now, at 8 AM, she eats apples, which she slices until they are very thin, and dips in yogurt. Between 9 and 11 PM, she has a second ...