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  1. What facilities treat dual disorders, such as bulimia and alcohol abuse?
  2. How would I go about getting referrals for treatment for binge eating disorder while I am in New York? I live in Italy, but will be going to New York in September for school.
  3. My daughter was severely anorexic for 3 years. She finally regained her lost weight, but now suffers terribly from binge eating disorder. Is this pattern common - to go from anorexia to binge eating? Any suggestions on how I could find a place for ...
  4. How can I find treatment for someone who has binge eating disorder, PTSD due to sexual abuse as a child, and type 1 diabetes? I am having problem finding a facility to handle all three problems.
  5. I am a 56-year old divorced mother, and my daughter went away to college last fall. A few weeks later, I lost my job, and have been only sporadically employed for almost a year.

    I have had ongoing depression related to both of these los ...
  6. Dr. Attia, if you can answer this question without promoting our services, that would be great. Thanks. Elizabeth

    How would I find inpatient and outpatient resources for chronic binge eating disorder that accepted Medicare?
  7. I have been suffering from binge-eating disorder for a year, and have seen therapists, nutritionists, and my family doctor. I have been prescribed medicines and tried many other possible solutions, but nothing has helped so far. besides CBT, what do ...
  8. My niece is 22 years old and is aneorixic and bulimic. She has been this way for at least 8 years if not longer. She has attempted therapy this past summer but has relapsed. She is estranged from her mother and does not have health insurance. ...
  9. My daughter is 22 years old and has suffered from Bulimia for the past five years. It all started in high school and she''s now had to stop attending university. She''s went through an extensive inpatient treatment program but the cognitve behavior ...
  10. I would like to know if you have research underway in the Chicago area I also was seen by Dr. Walsh MANY, many years ago. I have finally (!) found something that works phenomenally well in arresting my many, many year history of this disorder. ...