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  1. How do mood and anxiety disorders increase the risks of dementia?
  2. What medications are used to treat GAD (general anxiety disorder)? And is it possible to have bipolar and GAD together?
  3. My daughter has been diagnosed with anxiety. She is 16. She is presently not attending school. She is able to go out with friends and sometimes go places with our family. She stays in bed until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. I feel her biological clock is ...
  4. Two years ago, my son, 10, complained of strange dizzy spells with panic, pounding heartbeat, fear of falling down, flashes, irritation to noise, morbid talks. These episodes went away, but have now returned. Will they resolve on their own?
  5. I have been taking Zoloft since July 2007. I am now up to 200 mgs, but still not do not have any relief from my anxiety or depression. Is it time to switch to another antidepressant?
  6. Why do my three young adult children all have anxiety disorders when we have no immediate family history of psychiatric illness and, as far as I am aware, they have not suffered any major traum?

    Their father and I are educated professiona ...
  7. I have had severe anxiety issues as far back as I can remember, starting with separation anxiety when I began school. At that time, I would rock back and forth, fake illness to avoid school, and so on.

    I was eventually diagnosed with soc ...
  8. I am very depressed and have panic attacks. I am presently taking a tranquilizer but find I must take it more often. I have seen many psychiatrists and have tried all medications plus therapy but still feel miserable.

    What do you sugge ...
  9. My son is 23 and has a history of substance abuse, mostly opiates (oxycontin). He has been on buprenorphine for a year now and going to therapy.

    He suffers from anxiety, which has gotten worse over the past few years. Sometimes he has pani ...
  10. I believe I have gained weight due to a slowed metabolism and an increase in appetite, particularly a desire for carbs, caused by citalopram. Do you believe adding Wellbutrin would help with these side effects?

    More generally, how can my ...