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  1. Are there doctors who specialize in medical illnesses that cause worsening of psychiatric disorders?
  2. There are so many medical conditions that can superficially manifest themselves as psychiatric conditions. Isn't it about time that psychiatry treat not just the symptoms but become well versed in figuring out the possible physical reasons?
  3. Having a mental illness makes one more likely to have a medical condition. This is due to numerous reasons, genetics, stress, medications, and probably because medical conditions are frequently overlooked when your mentally ill. This needs to change ...
  4. Can you tell me if there is a causative link between schizophrenia and primary generalized epilepsy or between chlozaril and epileptic seizures?
  5. What causes a person to complain and be preoccupied with minor illnesses such as nausea? How should the caretaker respond?
  6. My significant other had a psychosis with back pain a few years ago. She stayed in a facility for 3 weeks and felt better. She was prescribed several medications, which she took for a while until now. At present she is quite unstable and her psychosi ...
  7. My son is now 18 and going to be 19 and I am searching for help to get him a proper diagnosis.

    Doctors told us that he has bipolar disorder, but he hears and sees terrible things. I am willing to do whatever it takes to find him the right he ...
  8. My brother has all of the symptoms of Paranoid Personality Disorder. We are desperately trying to get him to be evaluated/treated. He does not want to be enrolled in Philadelphia, where we live. So we were considering your health system. Any input?
  9. How does the state assume guardianship of an individual with a physical / mental illness? Do the courts have more leverage if the individual is unable to make decisions for herself? Can a court-appointed guardian force a psych evaluation and hospi ...
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