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  1. I am HIV-negative and starting to date someone who is HIV-positive. I would like to pursue a relationship with him, but only if I can be 100% safe 100% of the time. Is this possible? If not, should I break things off?
  2. I am faithful to my husband, but I think that he is cheating on me and I am worried about getting HIV or another STD from him. I would like to start using condoms with him, but don’t know how since I am on the birth control pill and we have never us ...
  3. It seems to me that teenagers living in cities have plenty of access to solid information about HIV/AIDS and other issues of sexuality, but what about those living in suburban and rural areas? What particular concerns do they have, and how can they ...
  4. I have a busy medical practice that includes quite a number of people who have HIV or who are at risk of HIV. Yet none of them ever brings up the issue of sexual risk behavior and what they can do to stay safe. How can I raise the issue with them?
  5. My brother recently told me that he is HIV positive. He found out in January and his doctors told him that he won't be put on medication now and that he should try to maintain a healthy immune system by exercising and eating dark greens. My brothe ...
  6. Last week, when I was drunk, I had my first, and very unexpected, sexual experience with a male friend. We did not use protection. Should I get tested for HIV? And where do I go from here? I am in love with my wife and cannot imagine telling her what ...
  7. Last month, I had sex with a woman. After about 10 minutes of intercourse, she took the condom off, performed oral sex for about a minute, and put the used condom on inside out. I think her vaginal fluids must have been on the condom and now I am s ...
  8. How widespread is the strategy of, "Let''s get tested together before we have sex, for a variety of STDs"?
  9. Am I being a hypochondriac? A homeless man shook my hand a couple days ago because I gave him some money. Afterwards, I got scared because the day before, I got a superficial cut about a quarter of an inch long on my index finger. I didn’t see any wo ...
  10. My first and only boyfriend had a problem with the condom and I am afraid I am HIV+ even though I have not had sex for 5 years and when I take HIV tests every year, they are always negative.

    Is there any possibility I could be positive?