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  1. What is the treatment for lyme disease?
  2. On a SPECT Scan I recently had it showed moderately, severe global, cortical hypoperfusion with heterogeneity.

    The pattern is consistent with encephalitis or vasculitis such as an infection eg. Lyme disease. I have been on Augmentin 1500mgs. ...
  3. How does one distinguish between multiple sclerosis and neurologic Lyme Disease?
  4. What is the best way to treat a patient with Lyme disease and MS?
  5. I missed my "window of opportunity" with early treatment for Lyme disease and the bacteria have spread to my central nervous system. I have lost my taste and smell and my vision is blurry and dark.

    Can people work if they have central ner ...
  6. Should a patient who is diagnosed with late stage Lyme disease due to central nervous symptoms (muscle switching, cramping, speech impairments) automatically be concerned with developing ALS?
  7. My son, 7, was diagnosed with Lyme disease a year ago when we had him tested because of rage attacks. He has since been diagnosed with bipolar disorder. Can Lyme trigger bipolar disorder or cause symptoms of bipolar disorder?

    If it is tho ...
  8. My father''s memory has been getting worse. Athen a doctor finally diagnosed him with Lyme disease. The doctor put him on IV antibiotics for one month and then took him off. Since then my father has gotten much worse. Before the lyme diagnosis oth ...
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