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  1. Is examining the childhood and early family history beneficial in therapy? If so, why.
  2. Why is psychoanalysis still taught at Columbia if studies show it to be not as effective as other forms of therapy? Is it done to humor the aging population of psychoanalysts or is there a residual ideology that still has its grip on NYC?
  3. Is psychoanalysis a religion, a philosophy, or a science?
  4. Why is pschoanalysis still practiced when it is clinically proven to be less effectice than other forms of therapy?
  5. I have had an attraction to leather, particularly women in leather, ever since I can remember. I would call it a fetish or perhaps a fantasy, but it is not S&M and does not drive my life. Is this normal? Were does something like this come from?
  6. I am 18 year old boy from the Georgian Republic. Since the death of my closest friend six months ago, I have been suffering from terrible and obsessive thoughts and phobias about death, suicide, cardiac attack, and so on. I also have dizziness, heart ...
  7. I have a client who is diagnosed with schizophrenia, but has learning disabilities. My problem is; we provide him services now, but we will eventually lose him because DHS had tested him and he tested above 70 on the WAIS III.

    My diffic ...
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