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  1. What exactly is "bipolar disorder" and how does it differ from depression?
  2. Does depression in teen years indicate a strong possibility of bipolar disorder later in life?
  3. What signs should parents look for in terms of a child with possible bipolar condition? Obviously the mood swings, but what specific day-to-day activities or behavior of a young child or adolescent provide warning signs for parents?
  4. Is it possible in all intances to clearly distiguish between bipolar disorder and schizophrenia ? Thanks
  5. Are any studies being conducted to determine the effectiveness of Omega Fish Oil as a mood stabilizer? I understand a study never replicated and performed some six years ago found it was somewhat effective.How can a substance with no significant mark ...
  6. Are there any new treatments or findings to help people with bipolar disorder other than giving medications? Is a cure possible?
  7. Has any information been published on the co-occurrence of Type 1 diabetes and Bipolar Disorder?
  8. Have you encountered any instances where the Omega 3 fatty acids, had an adverse affect on the patient? I ask because it was prescribed to me with my regular medications, and it made me worse in the area of anger, (rather rage).
  9. Is TMS (transcranial magnetic stimulation) effective for seasonal depression or Bipolar II disorder?
  10. My sister-in-law, 48, has serious, chronic mental illness and lives in a transitional home for psychiatric patients. Recently, she was sent to the ICU because of toxic levels of lithium in her system. How can this crisis occur in a transitional home?