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Columbia Department of Psychiatry/New York State Psychiatric Institute Launch Clinical Trials Website

(January 29, 2007)   New York, NY -- Hoping to increase recruitment and enhance its ability to track research participants in the system, the Department of Psychiatry at Columbia and the New York State Psychiatric Institute (NYSPI) announced the creation of a new clinical trials website.

The system boasts a sophisticated search mechanism where potential participants can access information about studies ideal for them.

Dr. David Hellerstein, the site’s developer as well as a psychiatrist at Columbia and NYSPI, believes that no other psychiatry department has a site with the capacity to link participants to currently active studies rather than the list of usually outdated research protocols web searches typically generate.

“What we have is a one-stop shopping resource of sorts where people have ready access to state-of-the-art evaluations with world-renowned experts, many of whom are studying cutting-edge treatments,” said Dr. Hellerstein. Easy to use, clinicians, patients or and family members can avail themselves of the low-cost treatment options—including medication, psychotherapy, or other approaches—many research studies provide.

In addition, the site has a useful link to expert responses to frequently asked questions about a variety of psychiatric disorders as well as experts’ profiles.

Studies that may be of interest include clinical trials, which evaluate the effects of various treatments, and observational studies like MRI and other imaging research, which study examine psychiatric disorders. We are lLocated in upper Manhattan, in New York City, Columbia’s Department of Psychiatry and the New York State Psychiatric Institute are great sources of expertise in a wide spectrum of psychiatric disorders and their researchers have conducted a variety of studies that have helped to improve treatment or identify new therapies in areas such as adult and adolescent depression and schizophrenia.

Click on CLINICAL TRIALS PAGE to find out more about clinical trials at Columbia and the Psychiatric Institute.

Healthy participants may also learn about studies for which they may be eligible. If a user prefers contact by phone, there is the option to call the Columbia Psychiatry Referral Line at 212-305-6001, where an informed clinical psychologist can match callers to a study for which they may qualify.  


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