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Student Suicides Bring Bullying to Forefront

(September 20, 2010)  

While bullying can trigger a person to take his own life, more than 90 percent of suicides stem from an underlying psychiatric problem such as depression, anxiety or substance abuse, said <b>Madelyn Gould,</b> a professor of clinical epidemiology in psychiatry at <b>Columbia University.</b> What&#39;s not so clear is whether bullying also leads to the underlying problems or whether they set the stage for being bullied.

<i>"What we do know is suicide in general is never caused by one thing,"</i> Gould said. That&#39;s why schools need to watch vulnerable students that much more closely, she said.

Also, some kids can cope better with stress, such as bullying, Gould said. That might be because of strong support from family, friends and counselors, as well as a person&#39;s biological makeup.


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