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Stephen S Morse, PhD

Stephen S Morse, PhD

Professor, Epidemiology
Founding Director and Senior Resident Scientist, Center for Public Health Preparedness

Stephen S. Morse, Ph.D. is Director of the Center for Public Health Preparedness. Professional interests include epidemiology of emerging infections (a concept he originated), international cooperation for infectious disease surveillance, and defense against bioterrorism. Dr. Morse recently returned to Columbia from 4 years in government service as Program Manager at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA), Department of Defense, where he co-directed the Pathogen Countermeasures program and subsequently directed the Advanced Diagnostics program. Before coming to Columbia, he was Assistant Professor (Virology) at The Rockefeller University in New York, where he remains an adjunct faculty member. His book Emerging Viruses was selected by "American Scientist" for its list of "100 Top Science Books of the 20th Century." He currently serves as a Section Editor of the CDC journal "Emerging Infectious Diseases" and was formerly an Editor-in-Chief of the Pasteur Institute's journal "Research in Virology". He is a Fellow of the New York Academy of Sciences and a past Chair of its Microbiology Section. He was the founding Chair of ProMED (the nonprofit international Program to Monitor Emerging Diseases) and was one of the originators of ProMED-mail, an international network inaugurated by ProMED in 1994 for outbreak reporting and disease monitoring using the Internet.

Education & Training
 University of Wisconsin, PhD, 1977
 University of Wisconsin, MS, 1974
 City College of New York , BA, 1971

Contact Information

722 W 168th Street, Room 1021
New York , NY 10032
USA Phone
work: 212-305-8054
fax: 212-543-8793
Email : ssm20@columbia.edu

Other Websites:

Selected Published Works

Olson, D.R., Simonsen, L., Edelson, P.J., Morse, S.S. "Epidemiological evidence of an early wave of the 1918 influenza pandemic in New York City" Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. (USA) 102 11059-11063 2005

Morse SS "Building academic-practice partnerships: The Center for Public Health Preparedness at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health, before and after 9/11 " J Publ Jlth Mgmt Practice 9 427-432 2003

Morse SS "The vigilance defense" Scientific American 287 88-89 2002

Rosenfield A, Morse SS, Yanda K "September 11: the response and role of public health" Am J Publ Hlth 92 10-11 2002

Morse SS, Sakaguchi N, Sakaguchi S "Virus and autoimmunity: induction of autoimmune disease in mice by mouse T lymphotropic virus (MTLV) destroying CD4+ T cells" J. Immunol 162 5309-5316 1999

Morse SS, Rosenberg BH, Woodall J, ProMED Steering Committee Drafting Subgroup (1996) "Global monitoring of emerging diseases: design for a demonstration program." Health Policy 38 135-153 1996


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