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Ryan  Masters

Ryan Masters

Columbia University Health & Society Scholar, Cohort 9

Ryan Masters received his Ph.D. in sociology with a specialization in demography from the University of Texas at Austin in 2011. Ryan’s research combines life course and cohort perspectives with fundamental cause theory to analyze trends in U.S. health and mortality disparities. His dissertation advanced a cohort perspective to explain why the association between educational attainment and mortality risk is changing in the United States, and why we should expect disparate changes for men and women and for different race/ethnic groups. Ryan has utilized recent advances in age-period-cohort modeling techniques in much of his work, and while a Health and Society Scholar he plans to expand his research to examine trends in the health consequences of the U.S. obesity epidemic. The goal of his overall research agenda is to showcase the cohort forces behind trends and patterns of U.S. health disparities.

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420 West 118th Street International Affairs Building
Mailcode 3355
New York, NY 10027
USA Phone
work: 212-854-9806
Email : rm3037@columbia.edu

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