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Julien O Teitler, PhD

Julien O Teitler, PhD

Co-Director, Health & Society Scholars program
Professor, Social Work and Sociology

Julien Teitler, a sociologist and social demographer studies how social contexts, such as school, neighborhood, and policy environments affect health and health behaviors. His most recent research focuses on the determinants of youth sexual and fertility behavior, racial and ethnic disparities in infant health in the U.S. and U.K., the effects of immigration on maternal health behaviors and infant health, and on measurement issues related to social networks and neighborhood characteristics. Teitler co-directed the H&SS working group on health disparities with Lisa Bates.

Education & Training
 University of Pennsylvania, PhD in Sociology, 
 Univerisity of Pennsylvania, MA in Sociology, 
 University of Wisconsin, BS , 

Contact Information

Email : jot8@columbia.edu

Other Websites:

Selected Published Works

Kantor, L., Santelli, J., Teitler, J., and Balmer, R. 2008. Abstinence-Only Policies and Programs – An Overview. Forthcoming in Sexuality Research and Social Policy, 5(3).

Teitler, J. and Reichman, N. 2008. Mental illness as a barrier to marriage among unmarried mothers. Journal of Marriage and Family, 70:770-782.

Teitler, J. Reichman, N., Nepomnyaschy, and Martinson. 2007. A cross-national comparison of racial and ethnic disparities in low birthweight in the United States and England. Pediatrics 120(5):1182-1189.

Teitler, J. “The Changing Family and Public Health” in Detels, R., Beaglehole, R., Lansan, M., and Gulliford, M (eds.) Oxford Textbook of Public Health, 5th Edition. (Forthcoming).


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