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Christopher C. Weiss, PhD

Director, Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences
Lecturer, Sociology

Christopher Weiss directs the Quantitative Methods in the Social Sciences Program. He received his Ph.D. in sociology and demography from the University of Pennsylvania. His primary research interests center on the influence of organizations and institutions on children and adolescents. His recent published work has focused on understanding how organizational features of schools shape student outcomes and on how parental education in later life influences intergenerational educational patterns. In a collaborative project with H&SS affiliate Jennifer Hill, he is using new statistical tools to examine the effect of grade retention on student outcomes. Weiss also participates in the H&SS working group on physical activity and obesity, and is a co-investigator on Andrew Rundle's NIH-funded project on the built environment, physical activity, and body size.

Education & Training

Contact Information

420 W. 118th Street, 811
New York , NY 10027
USA Phone
work: 212-854-7559
Email : cw2036@columbia.edu

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Selected Published Works

"Re-examining middle school effects: A comparison of middle grades students in middle schools and K-8 schools." Christopher C. Weiss and Lindsay B. Kipnes. 2006. American Journal of Education 112(2): 239-272.

"Difficult starts: Turbulence in the school year and its impact on urban students' achievement." Christopher C. Weiss. 2001. American Journal of Education 109(2): 196-227.


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