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Irving Cancer Research Center ( Audubon III )
1130 St. Nicholas Avenue
New York, NY   10032

Phone: 212 851-4582
Fax: 212 851-4590

-Department of Medicine
-Institute of Human Nutrition
-Division of Digestive and Liver Diseases
-Celiac Disease Center

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Armin Alaedini, PhD
Assistant Professor

Research Summary
Investigation of the link between foreign antigens, particularly bacterial and dietary proteins, and the development of immune mediated disease processes.

Research Activities
Armin Alaedini's research group pursues a multidisciplinary approach that includes proteomics, immunology, biochemistry, and molecular biology to examine the link between foreign antigens, particularly dietary and bacterial proteins, and the development of immune-mediated disease processes. A major focus of our research is the immune response towards gluten in celiac disease and in certain neuropsychiatric disorders, including schizophrenia and autism (Alaedini et al., J Immunol, 2007; Samaroo et al., Schizophr Res, 2010; Lau et al., PLoS ONE 2013). Current studies are aimed at assessing the antigenic specificity and pathogenic relevance of the immune response to gluten, using proteomic approaches and in vitro and in vivo models. In addition, we are studying the role of immune mechanisms in the persistence of symptoms following exposure to pathogens, particularly in the context of infection with Borrelia burgdorferi in Lyme disease (Chandra et al., Clin Immunol, 2011; Jacek et al., J Neuroimmunol, 2013; Ajamian et al., JAMA, 2013).

Funding for research in our laboratory is currently provided by National Institutes of Health, The Stanley Medical Research Institute, and U.S. Department of Defense.

Positions & Appointments
2011-Present Assistant Professor, Dept. of Medicine Columbia University Medical Center New York, NY
2011-Present Assistant Professor, Institute of Human Nutrition Columbia University Medical Center New York, NY

Honors and Awards
Irving Institute/Clinical Trials Office Study Award (2012)
Department of Defense Research Program Concept Award (2010)
National Ataxia Foundation Young Investigator Award (2005)
American Neurological Association Fellowship Award (2000)

Selected Publications:
1. Lau NM, Green PH, Taylor AK, Hellberg D, Ajamian M, Tan CZ, Kosofsky B, Higgins J, Rajadhyaksha AM, Alaedini A. (2013) Markers of celiac disease and gluten sensitivity in children with autism. PLoS ONE 8:e66155.

2. Ajamian A, Kosofsky B, Wormser GP, Rajadhyaksha AM, Alaedini A. (2013) Serologic markers of Lyme disease in children with autism. JAMA 309:1771-3.

3. Jacek E, Fallon BA, Chandra A, Crow MK, Wormser GP, Alaedini A. (2013) Increased IFNα activity and differential antibody response in patients with a history of Lyme disease and persistent cognitive deficits. J Neuroimmunol 255:85-91.

4. Lundin KE, Alaedini A. (2012) Non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Gastrointest Endosc Clin N Am 22:723-734.

5. Chandra A, Latov N, Wormser GP, Marques AR, Alaedini A. (2011) Epitope mapping of antibodies to VlsE protein of Borrelia burgdorferi in post-Lyme disease syndrome. Clin Immunol 141:103-110.

6. Dickerson F, Stallings C, Origoni A, Vaughan C, Khushalani S, Leister F, Yang S, Krivogorsky B, Alaedini A, Yolken R. (2010) Markers of gluten sensitivity and celiac disease in recent-onset psychosis and multi-episode schizophrenia. Biol Psychiatry 68:100-4.

7. Samaroo D, Dickerson F, Kasarda DD, Green PHR, Briani C, Yolken RH, Alaedini A. (2010) Novel immune response to gluten in individuals with schizophrenia. Schizophr Res. 118:248-55.

8. Alaedini A, Okamoto H, Briani C, Wollenberg K, Shill H, Bushara KO, Sander HW, Green PH, Hallett M, Latov N. (2007) Immune cross-reactivity in celiac disease: anti-gliadin antibodies bind to neuronal synapsin I. J Immunol 178:6590-5.

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