Riccardo  Dalla-Favera
Riccardo Dalla-Favera
Professor & Director, Institute for Cancer Genetics
Uris Professor of Pathology

Address: 1130 St. Nicholas Avenue Irving Comprehensive Research Center, ICRC Room 508A New York NY 10032
Phone: 212-851-5273
Fax: 212-851-5256


Education and Training:
M.D. 1976, University of Milan
bullet  Institute for Cancer Genetics
bullet  Department of Genetics and Development
Training Activities:
Research Summary:
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Molecular genetics of cancer; molecular pathogenesis of lymphoma and leukemia; genetic control in lymphoid tissue development.
Current Research:
The development of many types of cancer is due to genetic lesions involving proto-oncogenes and tumor suppressor genes. It is well established that multiple lesions must occur in a cell before cancer can develop. The general goal of this laboratory is to identify the lesions and the genes involved in the development of human B cell lymphoma, to determine the mechanism by which these lesions occur and to elucidate the contribution of each lesion to tumor development.

Specific lines of investigation include:

(1) Elucidating the role of chromosomal translocations involving the c-myc proto oncogene locus and immuno-globulin loci in the development of Burkitt's lymphoma. These studies include the analysis of the mechanisms regulating the expression of the normal c-myc gene as well as of c-myc alleles structurally altered by chromosomal translocation in lymphoma cells.

(2) Studying the normal and pathologic function of the BCL-6 gene, a recently identified proto-oncogene which codes for a transcription factor expressed in B cells and is altered in its regulatory region in a significant fraction of human lymphoma.

(3) Identifying novel oncogenes and tumor suppressors involved in the pathogenesis of lymphoma by virtue of their involvement in tumor-associated chromosomal translocations or by "positional cloning" from chromosomal regions involved in tumor-associated deletions.
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