Cathy L Mendelsohn
Cathy L Mendelsohn
Professor of Urology, Pathology & Cell Biology (Institute of Human Nutrition) and Genetics & Development

Address: 1130 St. Nicholas Avenue Irving Cancer Research Center, Room 311 New York NY 10032
Phone: 212-851-4781


Education and Training:
Ph.D 1989, Columbia University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 1989-1994, IGBMC, Strasbourg
Postdoctoral Research Fellow 1994-1997, Columbia University
bullet  Department of Urology
bullet  Department of Pathology
bullet  Institute of Human Nutrition
bullet  Irving Cancer Center
bullet  Integrated Program in Cellular, Molecular & Biophysical Studies
Training Activities:
Research Summary:
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Progenitor populations and signaling pathways important for their regulation.
Current Research:
Identification of urothelial progenitors important for formation, homeostasis and regeneration of the urothelium, and identification of urothelial cell types that give rise to bladder cancers.
Intermediate cell progenitors (green).
Keratin-5 expressing basal cells give rise to CIS, muscle invasive lesions and Squamous cell carcinoma (image is of a squamous lesion).
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2. Gandhi, D., Molotkov, A., Batourina, E., Schneider, K., Dan, H., Reiley, M., Laufer, E. and Cathy Mendelsohn.: (2013) Retinoid signaling in progenitors controls specification and regeneration of the urothelium. .  Developmental Cell  26: 469-482

3. Paroly, S., Wang, F., Spraggon, L., Merregaert, J., Batourina, E., Schmidt-Ott, K., Grimmond, S., Little, M., and Cathy Mendelsohn.: (2013) Stromal protein Ecm1 regulates ureteric bud patterning and nephron differentiation..  Plos1  12: e84155

4. Rosselot, C., Spraggon, L., Chia, I., Batourina, E., Riccio, P., Lu, B., Niederreither, K., Dolle, P., Duester, G., Chambon, P., Costantini, F., Gilbert, T., Molotkov, A., and Cathy Mendelsohn: (2010)  Non-cell-autonomous retinoid signaling is crucial for renal development..  Development  137: 283-292

5. Batourina, E., Tsai, S., Lambert, S., Sprenkle, P., Viana, R., Dutta, S., Hensle, T., Wang, F., Niederreither, K., McMahon, A.P., Carroll, T.J., and Mendelsohn, C.L. : (2005) Apoptosis induced by vitamin A signaling is crucial for connecting the ureters to the bladder..  Nature Genetics  37: 1082-1089

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