Eating Disorders
  I have a servere case of bulemia. I am 41. Are there any research studies (inpatient) currently being conducted? My insurance will not cover an inpatient stay locally for treatment.
  Binge eating disorder
  I am a 56-year old divorced mother, and my daughter went away to college last fall. A few weeks later, I lost my job, and have been only sporadically employed for almost a year.

I have had ongoing depression related to both of these losses, as well as insomnia and panic attacks. I have had a weight problem for most of my adult life, and recently have found myself eating continuously without feeling I have any control - to the point where I am full to the point of feeling sick. I recognize the symptoms, and am concerned that I am relapsing into binge eating, which I suffered from as a young woman.

Is this sort of relapse after many years common?

Are their treatment centers that will take my COBRA insurance?
  Eating Disorders
  Does this hospital offer a program? In hospital, or out patient?
  What is your opinion on the effectiveness of overeaters anonymous and do you ever recommend it?
  Binge eating disorder
  I never had a problem until in my 40''s...I know that my binge eating disorder was caused by a medication that was prescribed to me for a medical skin condition. Interestingly enough (as I read in your website-there is seemingly possibly some correlation with depression) the medication was given to me "off-label" for it''s effective antihistamine-like, anti-allergy effects, but it was an older medication, Doxepin, that was intended for use for depression. I mean this medication totally effected my brain chemistry and interfered with my brain/body''s ability to know when I''ve had enough food. I can''t control my obsessive and compulsive behavior around food. If I see it I eat it--like my internal biochemical judgement about food/eatin is gone. Even after I stopped taking the medication the binge eating behavior and my impulsiveness has not gone away, and this is a despairing reality. What do you think?
  What is the recommended treatment for a woman over the age of 50 who has bulimia and has been binging and purging for decades?
  Eating Disorders
  Hello. I''m a 23 yr old woman who has an eating disorder. I''ve been diagnosed and treated for bulimia and over exercise. I also restrict my calories. Currently, I''m living on the upper east side and working full time in a very stressful environment and have gained quite a bit of weight. It''s been extremely challenging for me to lose weight and I need help. Are there any programs or support groups that you can suggest to help me lose weight in a healthful way.
  I''m an 18 year old female and although my diagnosis is EDNOS, i struggle from restricting and over exercising with periods of bulimic behaviors. I recently noticed that, when alone, i will prepare large amounts of food and pick it apart eating a minimal amount until it is unsatisfying enough to through away. I have no idea where this behavior came from. In a sense it''s a binge because I get a sort of "high" from seeing all the food, but i also get a "high" from throwing it all away. Does this behavior fit specifically into Anorexia or Bulimia, or is it just another disordered way of eating?
  Binge eating disorder
  I''m 14 and i eat a lot for my age. I''m not sure if i have an eating disorder but i do know i eat too much for my age and level of exercise. I not unhappy with my body or size i''m just concerned for my health.
  Eating Disorders
  Does your center work with people who have an intellectual disability coupled with an eating disorder.
  Binge eating disorder
  Hi my wife here in the UK has suffered with bulimia nervosa for 14 years since age 14. We are looking at all treatment options internationally and are considering the USA options. I came across your research unit and read that if accepted as a research subject, inpatient treatment is free. Is my understanding correct? Who would I be able to contact to discuss this further - please supply their email address and contact number?
  I am 53, 5 feet 4 inches and approx 98lbs. I lost weight unexpectedly in the last two years, having spent much of my life overweight. I eat mostly veggies now, with some protein and dairy (but less than other people). I do binge at night -- mostly on prepared veggies (salads with dressing, and lots of fruit, with occasional ice cream). Am I anorexic with those numbers? Do I need treatment? I am concerned about gaining too much weight since control has always been as issue.
  Eating Disorders
  How do I know if I am sick enough to be diagnosed? I know I may have a problem but I am not certain I have an eating disorder.
  I am a 27 yr old college student and I binge and purge and I severely restrict calories. I check myself on my scale up to 20 times a day. If I don''''t vomit, I abuse laxatives and I have lost lots of weight and still feel fat!

Everyone tells me I need help and deep down I know I do but I live in NJ and I can''''t afford to go to a treatment center! Can you help?
  Binge eating disorder
  My 22 year daughter suffers from bulimia and has been in and out of 6 different hospitals in the last year. She just took 70 pills last week and left a suicide note.I found her and got her to a hospital just in time.

She is getting the best treatments right now and she is in the psychiatric ward at a nearby hospital. She is the most wonderful person who has so many friends and helps everyone. She will be successful at committing suicide if she doesn''t get long-term help. This was her second attempt. I am begging you to accept her in your program. I have Blue Cross-Blue Shield PPO, but it will not cover her long-term stay so please please help my child.
  Eating Disorders
  My adult daughter is anorexic/bulimic but she refuses to get help. I am very afraid she is going to die. Please is there anything that I can do?
  I am a 22-year-old female in recovery from an eating disorder. I exhibited both anorexic and bulimic behaviors from the age of 15 until about a year and a half ago. I sought professional help. I followed all suggestions from my treatment team and I have truly worked hard to recover.

Although I am healthy now, I find I am struggling to cope with the weight I gained when I stopped purging. I had a high normal to overweight BMI while I was sick and now I am significantly overweight. I''''ve talked to doctors. I worked with a nutritionist, and I''''ve tried various forms of diet/exercise changes to adjust my weight. I simply can''''''''t lose weight anymore. I even reverted to behaviors for almost a month before I got myself back on track and my body refuses to adjust.

How can I heal my body so that my weight will readjust? There are so many of us in recovery that struggle with this and we need answers. Do you have any information that would help?
  What is the relationship between eating disorders in adolescents and alcoholism/depression in their parents?

There seems to be a treatment gap for adolescents (12-16 years old); no group therapy and no 12-step support groups for adolescents.

The dangers of websites and forums that advocate pro-eating disorder behaviors are clear. Do you have any recommendations for sites and forums that adolescents can visit instead?

I noticed that there are no questions in the FAQ about 12 Step programs and how psychiatrists view them as a part of the overall treatment of eating disorders.

Are any clinicians studying the relationships between addictive behaviors (substance abuse, alcoholism), underlying depression and attention decifit disorders and eating disorders?

What tests do you recommend for diagnosing adolescent eating disorders? Is a psychiatric consultation sufficient? What if the adolescent patient fails to share the truth about restrictive eating and purging?
  what is your opinion on the issue of diagnostic criteria for eating disorders? do you think they should be ammended?
  Binge eating disorder
  My daughter is 22 and she has Bulimia Nervosa. She was in a facility for 8 wks and left in May 2012 and as of Sept 2012 she is worse than ever.

Please tell me you have a research program for her with little costs.

We have depleted all of our retirement and have no more to give.
  What is the long-term prognosis for BED patients - is it "curable" or is it a life time fight? In our situation, it is coupled with Anxiety Disorder and RAD.
  Eating Disorders
  Does the presence of an eating disorder increase risk for falls in adolescence? Is there a valid and reliable instrument to assess risk for falls that includes eating disordered behavior?
  I am 44 years old and suffer from an eating disorder, childhood trauma, grief, and substance abuse. Are there any studies for women my age?
  I am a 21 year old female, attending a top university in NYS. I attended a sports academy for high school where my eating disorder developed initially as anorexia and since my second year in college it has been a combination of anorexia and bulimia. Over the past year years it has increasingly become worse.

I am a perfectionist, so I pinpoint that as the problem. Everyone in my life has had high expectations for my athletics as a Division I tennis player and for excellence in my academics. I work and volunteer and do everything you could think of. I am incredibly social and have many friends.

My biggest problem is that I am an expert at hiding this overpowering disorder. No one besides my mother has noticed and she believes I have stopped, as I have convinced her. I just need a way to rid myself of this mentally difficult disorder. No one understands that it effects every aspect of my life from athletics, academics, sleep, health , depression and anxiety my doctors think that i am just biologically depressed and anxious.

I take medication but i know so many of my life burdens would be gone if I could find a way to stop binging and purging, and restricting what i eat the rest of the time. Please, any advice would be greatly appreciated !
  I am severely struggling with my bulimia. I was enrolled in your Eating Disorders unit and I could really benefit by going back. I went through a very bad trauma a few months ago and it is really affecting me and my health. Would I be able to come back?
  My 26 year old daughter suffers from depression due to her eating disorder -- binging and purging and anorexia. She has just finished up in-patient care at Four Winds in Katonah for a suicide attempt. She is 5ft 1 and 94 lbs. Is she a candidate for your facility? We have CIGNA insurance
  My 26 year old daughter suffers from depression due to her eating disorder...binging and purging and anorexia. She has just finished up in-patient care at Four Winds in Katonah for a suicide attempt. She is 5''1" and 94 lbs. Is she a candidate for your facility. We have CIGNA insurance
  What are all the types of eating disorders? How can you tell what kind of eating disorder you or someone you love has?
  Binge eating disorder
  Hi, My name is Laura. I am 22 years old and I am desperate. I have been struggling with BED since the age of 15. I don''''t know what else to do. I have tried everything and it seems like there is no hope for me. I have tried countless therapists, 12 step programs, books, meditation, you name it, I have tried it. I don''''t know, I feel very alone in this disease or whatever it is. It is like I become possessed. I just want to be free from this. What more can I do?
  Eating Disorders
  Hello. My daughter is a 19-year-old college student. She was diagnosed with Anorexia at 16. She then started binge eating and over-exercising. That is pretty much what her life is now. Her personality changed from a sunny happy easy going child to distant selfish and rude young woman. She is procrastinating in everything she does and is unable to accept responsibility for her actions. She insists that her eating disorder is resolved and thinks that it is her family that simply does not understand her. How can she be helped?
  I am writing to beg for help. I have been labeled as anorexic, bulimic, and a binge eater.I''''m very concerned about my health. I gain or lose 20-30 pounds in a month and I know that this can''t be good for my body. I go to extremes and it is a vicious cycle. PLEASE HELP ME.
  I have a very severe case of bulimia; it goes beyond what I think would be termed an "illness". It rules my life 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If someone were to qualify for the requirements of experiments at the EDRU, do you have to reside in New York to be eligible? I live in Indiana and cannot afford ANY type of help or treatment due to no job, no money and no family to help financially at all..
  My 16yr old daughter fits into the more newly labeled purging disorder. She bravely brought it to my attention about 6 mo''''s ago and she wants to get hold of it because she knows it is unhealthy and can harm her long term. She said she has been struggling for over a year. Her pediatrician examined her and she is not suffering physically but she still struggles. She is currently in talk therapy. What is the latest treatments for this particular form of ED? She is not under or over weight. She has all outward appearances of a well-balanced young woman. How might your center help PD specifically?
  Binge eating disorder
  I am a 56 year old male with type 2 diabetes. For as long as I can remember, I can not stop eating at night which most likely has led to my diabetes. I am 6''''4" and weigh 255 lbs.

I want to stop this behavior, but I think I need help.
  Eating Disorders
  Hi, my 24 yr old soon has been dealing with male body image issue for several years now. It got better when he went away to college, but when he came back it started to get worse and as of recently he has hit rock bottom. He rarely eats, has been missing day at work, and is constantly stressed out/feeling worthless. He''''s been seeing a therapist but it hasn''''t been helping too much. I don''''t know what to do. If you have any information or treat this disorder please help!
  I am 23 years old and have had an eating disorder for a couple years now. I am obsessed with how I look and if I gain a pound I feel fat. I am worried about gaining weight and watch what I eat everyday. I have in the past and still do find myself chewing food and spitting it out without swallowing it just to taste it. I always want to diet and exercise so I don''t gain weight. The only way I feel happy is if I weigh less than what I am now.

I used to be 102 lbs at 5''6" and now am 115 lbs but want to lose weight because I feel fat and want to go back down to 110 or so. I find myself not eating at all sometimes but then I binge at night and I feel miserable after I do. I refuse to eat any food with basically any fat in it in fear of gaining weight. I obsess about my face and check if I have a double chin numerous times a day. I take pictures of my face in different positions to see which way I look skinnier.

I am sick of this disease taking over my life and consuming my mind every day. I just want to be happy...
  In your treatment program (inpatient/residential), do the meal plans include vegan and/or vegetarian meal plans? What if the patient is lactose intolerant or has any allergies? Does the staff take that into consideration?
Recent Questions:
  A female friend, who is 5' 2 "tall and weighed 103 pounds, has lost 20 pounds over 2 years. Her main complaint is burning in her GI tract. She believes it is reflux and gastritis, and her GI doctors call it visceral hypersensitivity.

This burning and a lack of response to traditional GI therapies have thrown her into a deep depression, acute anxiety and insomnia. She is afraid to eat because of the subsequent burning.

Nothing has worked for her. Is this an eating disorder? How do you get someone to eat if they are so afraid of pain from eating?
  Do antidepressants work in the treatment of Anorexia?
  I am a runner and was told that my stress fracture may mean I have an eating disorder. Could this be true?
  I have been suffering from depression and an eating disorder for a couple of years. Although, I have been in treatment for the eating disorder and have made some progress, the depression is still debilitating and feels endless. Some professionals have told me that anti-depressants are not effective if you are at a low weight.

Has this been studied and do you believe it to be true? At what BMI do anti-depressants work effectively?
  I think my friend might have an eating disorder, she has lost a lot of weight over the last few months. She is 5ft. 7in. and weighs approximately 8st. I've noticed she only eats in the evening {crisps, nuts or fitness bars}. What can i do to help her?
  I'm 5ft 7ins tall and weigh 8stone. This isn't too underweight is it? I eat {evenings only} crisps or nuts.
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