What are the main symptoms of dysthymic disorder?

Answered by: David Hellerstein

The main symptoms of dysthymic disorder include: depressed mood (lasting 2 or more years); feelings of hopelessness; poor concentration or difficulty making decisions; low self-esteem; low energy or fatigue; poor sleep; and poor appetite or overeating.

Our research studies have shown that there are more subtle symptoms of DD as well, which may be even more common. People with dysthymic disorder are also often socially withdrawn, and perform below their abilities at work and school.

They often find it difficult to take normal day-to-day risks such as asking someone out on a date, or calling to apply for a job. They are often easily discouraged, and often have difficulty completing tasks. They are often overly pessimistic.

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David J. Hellerstein, MD
Director of Medical Communications, Columbia U. Department of Psychiatry 

Dr. David J. Hellerstein is Director of Medical Communications at the Columbia University Department of Psychiatry. He is a research psychiatrist at the New York State Psychiatric Institute, New York, NY, and Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at Columbia University.

He was formerly the Clinical Director of the Institute. He specializes in the treatment of mood and anxiety disorders, with a particular focus on the medication treatment of persistent depressive disorder, or chronic depression.

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