I would like to boost my self confidence and be more bold. Can a Psychiatrist help me?

Answered by: David Kahn

It's worth a discussion with a psychiatrist or other well-trained therapist such as a clinical psychologist, to see what the problem is and what can be done about it. Your description could be a number of different things with different meanings and diagnoses, leading to different approaches in treatment.

For example, you might be referring to feeling shy and even anxious around people; or you might mean not knowing how to follow through on accomplishing goals.

I suggest you go talk to a good psychiatrist or therapist, try to get a handle on the root of the problem, and ask if you can be helped by talking therapy, and possibly, if anxiety or depression is part of the problem, by medication.

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David Kahn, M.D.

David A. Kahn, M.D.

Dr. Kahn is the Diane Goldman Kemper Family Clinical Professor of Pyschiatry Emeritus, Columbia University Medical Center; and attending psychiatrist, New York Presbyterian Hospital.

He received his B.A. from Haverford College in 1975, completed medical school and internship in medicine at Columbia, and was resident and chief resident in psychiatry at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center and the New York State Psychiatric Institute. He then received an NIMH extramural research fellowship at the Psychiatric Institute, where he worked in the area of mood disord...
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