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1.  Could there be an underlining reason why someone might have adverse responses to antidepressant medications when prior to four years ago did not?

If what happens after taking antidepressants is this; immediate positive response that only last ...
2.  I was taking Wellbutrin xl for 4 weeks and the doctor changed it for SR and generic. I will like to know the difference and if I shoud change them for the original. Tomorrow is my first day taking Wellbutrin. SR generic is a round big yellow tabl ...
3.  My doctor wants to switch me from sertraline to paroxetine. What is the difference between them? And how can she tell in advance whether one medication will be more effective than another?

Also, are there any risks in switching medication ...
4.  Can SAM-e and amino acids, rather than antidepressants, be used to treat migraine associated with vertigo?
5.  After my mother had a stroke, she was given an antidepressant as a sleeping pill. I think it started with "tr."

Can you tell me what it might have been and why an antidepressant might be prescribed for insomnia?
6.  I have a 30 minute college presentation coming up which will take place during a 3 hour class.

I suffer with social anxiety disorder so my psychiatrist prescribed me 0.5mg of xanax. I was advised to take half a pill, and only the other ha ...
7.  Is there any way to treat the lack of sexual desire that results from anti-depressants and/or bi-polar medications?
8.  I have been on 40mg of fluoxetine a day for the past 2 years. I have experienced a severe episode of anxiety/depression recently and my psychiatrist thinks that the medication may have "bottomed out". Is that possible with fluoxetine and is duloxet ...
9.  I have been taking the generic Wellbutrin for about 3 years and have been having blurry vision and daily headaches that I believe are associated with it.

What other meds are similar or in the same class as Wellbutrin? I''m most interested ...
10.  Of the SNRIs Effexor and Cymbalta, which increases dopamine the most and has the most/best effect on dopamine?

A Google search found that Effexor tends to have an effect on dopamine at higher levels from approx 150mg and up. Is this the s ...

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